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One of my favorite quotes from William Shakespeare is, “To be, are not to be, that is the question.” As an artist, I find that the first question that people often ask me is, “When did you know that you were an artist?” The second question that I am often asked is, “Where did your talents come from?” My honest answer is, “everything that I do, and who I am was given to me by the hand of the Almighty God. My journey as an artist started about 11 years ago.


In fact, I can remember like it was yesterday. It was an ordinary day not much different from any other day. I was sitting at my computer when suddenly, it was like God breathed his mercy into my direction to stir up my curiosity. I began to create what I called very artistic images of things that I had never seen in any way, shape, or form. Looking back, it was as if this moment was sealed in time, and I was watching my hand move in a divine rhythm with God’s unfolding purpose. I can only boast in the Lord because I had sat at that computer for many years to work, answer emails, pay bills, and so on…...!

Truth be told, I have never seen the things that God was about to birth in me. On this very same day, I went from being Sharonda to the artist Jovonne. Yes, Jovonne was born and given gifts to witness God’s miracle in her life.


The truth is that I had no former training nor a desire to be an artist, but it was as if the hand of Jesus was upon me to show me my purpose. I began to create these beautiful, rich, and authentic works of art one after the other. Now, the astonishing part about these works of art is, that in today’s times they are called Non-Fundable Token (NFTs). How could it be that God appointed that anointed onset of creativity 11 years ago to bridge my gifts to this moment in time! I have come to believe and truly trust that God poured these gifts into my life for me to share with the world. The inspiration for these works of art is simply where it all began; in the Bible book of Genesis “the Garden of Eden.” With no question, I say, “To God be the Glory!”

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